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At Eccho Rights we offer a total distribution package. Our experienced team of sales, legal and technical experts take care of every step of the process so producers can focus on what they do best – creating quality content.


We take a partnership approach and work with our clients from the outset of a project, providing valuable development advice, market research and business insight.

Experience and Insight

With over ten years in the business we have a deep understanding of the market for series and formats. Our investments in marketing and PR along with our experience in packaging means we can make the shows we represent really stand out from the crowd.

Active Sales

And we don’t just sit at markets waiting for a sale. We actively visit our major buyers a few times each year, presenting the best products for their territories.


This hands-on partnership approach means that our clients can be sure that they are getting the best from their distribution service. We believe in transparency and are always completely open about the terms of every deal in negotiation.