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12 November 2022

Eccho Rights to represent Forever Together

A brand new title launching at MIP Cancun, Forever Together, is the latest title produced by TMC Film. The romantic comedy-drama premiered on Show TV the 6th of November with Eccho Rights handling the distribution.

Forever Together tells the story of Selma and Mihran, who were born in the same village at the same time. A wise old man, Setrak, foretells that they are meant to share the same destiny: ”They will love each other deeply, but something terrible will happen, and they will part ways,” he says. Years pass by, Selma and Mihran grow up, and they really do fall in love. The two are engaged to be married but before their wedding day, a fire breaks out, in which Mihran loses his house. Selma is blamed for starting the fire, and just as in the prophesy, the couple break up. Seven years later they cross paths again. Will they fall in love all over or will the secrets of their past prove too difficult to overcome?