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4 April 2024

Show TV renews I Am Mother

Turkish drama hit I Am Mother has been renewed for a second season by broadcaster Show TV.

The O3 Medya-produced series, which debuted in November 2023, has been a widely lauded success in Turkey, scoring top ratings particularly in the key AB demographic where it regularly tops the charts each Tuesday in a fiercely competitive prime time slot.

“We are delighted and proud to represent such a vital series. The central themes of motherhood, and a woman fighting to be heard within her own family, are relatable for many millions of women and I Am Mother has been so well received both in Turkey and around the world. We can’t wait to see how this important story continues to develop into season two,” says Handan Özkubat, Director of Turkish Drama at international distributor Eccho Rights.
30 November 2023

Eccho Rights acquires I Am Mother

Eccho Rights has acquired the worldwide rights to the Turkish drama I am Mother, a captivating tv series produced by the renowned O3 Medya, set to premiere Wednesday, December 6th, on Show TV.

This classic Turkish drama about a woman who carries her mother's pain all her life, is tested by her child and split between two men, reveals all the realities of life. The series boasts a star-studded cast including Özge Özpirinçci ('Woman’ & ‘First and Last’), Demet Akbağ, (‘Bir Demet Tiyatro’ & ‘Scorpion’), Metin Akdülger ('Magnificent Century Kosem’ & ‘The Club’) as well as Necip Memilli ('The Pit’ & ‘Oh Belinda’).

Handan Özkubat, Director of Turkish Drama at Eccho Rights: “ We are delighted to partner with O3 Medya and thrilled to be bringing ‘I Am Mother' to the global audience. A story that transcends cultural boundaries, this series embodies the richness and emotional depth of Turkish drama. We will witness the moving journey of a woman's unwavering fight for her son, her family, and her heart's desires, showcasing a remarkable tale of empowerment and transformation. Its universal themes of love, pain, and family ties, making it relatable to viewers worldwide and we are confident that it will captivate viewers across the globe.”
12 November 2022

Eccho Rights to represent Forever Together

A brand new title launching at MIP Cancun, Forever Together, is the latest title produced by TMC Film. The romantic comedy-drama premiered on Show TV the 6th of November with Eccho Rights handling the distribution.

Forever Together tells the story of Selma and Mihran, who were born in the same village at the same time. A wise old man, Setrak, foretells that they are meant to share the same destiny: ”They will love each other deeply, but something terrible will happen, and they will part ways,” he says. Years pass by, Selma and Mihran grow up, and they really do fall in love. The two are engaged to be married but before their wedding day, a fire breaks out, in which Mihran loses his house. Selma is blamed for starting the fire, and just as in the prophesy, the couple break up. Seven years later they cross paths again. Will they fall in love all over or will the secrets of their past prove too difficult to overcome?
16 June 2022

Turkish Drama Insider, remade in Romania

Romania’s PRO TV have started production on THE CLAN, a local adaptation of Turkish Drama INSIDER, having licensed the format from Eccho Rights. The original, produced by Ay Yapim, was an enormous hit that scored unprecedented ratings for broadcaster Show TV.

“INSIDER was a giant hit, not just here in Turkey, but all around the world. With PRO TV’s brilliant track record in script adaptation, and their commitment to bringing a unique take on existing fantastic stories, we are in no doubt that THE CLAN will be just as successful,” says Handan Özkubat, Director of Turkish Drama at Eccho Rights, who will also be licensing the Romanian version of the series when it launches later this autumn.

Antonii Mangov, Programming Director at PRO TV says: “With every production, we aim to go to the next level. This is the promise of our new fiction series that will bring that cutting edge experience. High production, cinematic value, tons of locations and many exterior shoots, are all part of THE CLAN experience... .”
8 November 2019

North Star scores top ratings in Turkey

North Star roduced by Sürec Film for Show TV is developing incredibly well on Saturday nights in Turkey. The series has almost doubled the ratings from the strong start in September, now being the unquestioned No.1 in all target groups. North Star scores a stable 8% ratings and 20% share.

The romantic drama tells the story of Kuzey who grew up in a rural village in the north of Turkey where life was simple - he would get a job work in the family business, marry a local girl, have children of his own and then the cycle would start over again. But he couldn't escape the lure of the city, and having moved away to study as a young man he decided to stay and build a new life for himself. 

25 October 2018

New Bride on the way to LATAM

New Bride is on its way across LATAM after deals concluded by Eccho Rights with Imagen in Mexico, and the Albavision network covering the whole of Central America. The long running series has been a stand out performer for two years in Turkey, and internationally has scored great ratings particularly in Kazakhstan where New Bride doubled the average share of channel TV7 during its broadcast.

The series - a warm, romantic drama with a light comic side, produced by Sürec Film - has been a huge hit with Turkish viewers, the highest rating scripted show in Saturday prime time throughout it’s first two seasons on Show TV. The third season arrived recently, with New Bride resuming its position at the top of the drama charts.
22 October 2018

RCN picks up Insider as first ever Turkish Drama

RCN in Colombia have acquired their first ever Turkish Drama, picking up the smash hit series Insider. Produced by Ay Yapim, Insider was one of the most significant Turkish Dramas releases of recent years, scoring record ratings for Show TV, and inspiring an obsessive fanbase.

In Latin America the series broke viewer records for Mega in Chile, while Eccho Rights have also placed the show with broadcasters in Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay.

“Turkish Drama’s success in Latin America is well documented but there is still room for the genre to grow in the region. Insider is a perfect choice for RCN to make a bold first step in to programming Turkish shows, with its amazing production values, and a script that encompasses high action with beautiful emotion and family stories,” says Barbora Suster, Head of Latin America at Eccho Rights.
17 June 2017

New Bride finishes with top ratings!

New Bride, the comedy-drama from Surec Film, has finished its first season in Turkey as the number one drama series on Saturday nights. In a slot traditionally dominated by entertainment series, New Bride scored over 16% average share, and regularly topped the ratings charts in a weekly battle with Survivor, a long-running favourite in Turkey.

This represents another hit series for Show TV, who have traditionally averaged around 8% share in prime time.

Following this success, the series has been renewed for a second season which will be in production later this year, to air in the Autumn/Winter season 2017/18.