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16 June 2022

Turkish Drama Insider, remade in Romania

Romania’s PRO TV have started production on THE CLAN, a local adaptation of Turkish Drama INSIDER, having licensed the format from Eccho Rights. The original, produced by Ay Yapim, was an enormous hit that scored unprecedented ratings for broadcaster Show TV.

“INSIDER was a giant hit, not just here in Turkey, but all around the world. With PRO TV’s brilliant track record in script adaptation, and their commitment to bringing a unique take on existing fantastic stories, we are in no doubt that THE CLAN will be just as successful,” says Handan Özkubat, Director of Turkish Drama at Eccho Rights, who will also be licensing the Romanian version of the series when it launches later this autumn.

Antonii Mangov, Programming Director at PRO TV says: “With every production, we aim to go to the next level. This is the promise of our new fiction series that will bring that cutting edge experience. High production, cinematic value, tons of locations and many exterior shoots, are all part of THE CLAN experience... .”