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19 February 2024

Eccho Rights to distribute kanal 7's Winds of Love

Eccho Rights has acquired the international distribution rights for the recently premiered Turkish drama Winds of Love (Original Title: Rüzgarlı Tepe) currently airing on Kanal 7 in Turkey and produced by Rains Pictures and Unik Film.

Produced by Unik Film & Rains Pictures for Kanal 7, Winds of Love tells the story of Halil, a resilient young man, grappling with betrayal and seeking revenge against the family that tore apart his world. As he executes his plan, an unforeseen twist arises when he becomes romantically entangled with Zeynep, the strong-willed daughter of his enemies. In the intricate dance between vengeance and unexpected love, questions arise about the true cost of revenge and the resilience of the human heart.

Handan Özkubat, Director of Turkish Drama at Eccho Rights said: “Following the overwhelming global success of our daily dramas, we are delighted to renew our collaboration with Kanal 7 for 'Winds of Love.' This partnership is a testament to our commitment to bringing high-quality Turkish dramas to the international stage. Viewers can expect a rollercoaster of emotions as Halil and Zeynep’s journey navigates the complexities of revenge and love.”
13 October 2023

Eccho Rights scores sales for Karamel Yapim Dramas

Turkish Drama series Legacy and Redemption have found new international broadcasters following deals by distributor Eccho Rights.

Legacy, a long-running hit set to start its fourth season later this month, has been picked up to air in Iraq (Kurdmax), Hungary (RTL Club) and Colombia (Caracol) taking total sales to more than 55 countries worldwide.

Meanwhile, Redemption, which has just started its second season in Turkey following a breakthrough first year, will find new audiences in Bosnia Herzegovina (Hayat) and North Macedonia (Kanal 5).

Handan Özkubat, Director of Turkish Drama, Eccho Rights: “Daily drama series in Turkey have been pushing higher budget titles in the ratings for a number of years, and this is reflected in the international market where demand for reliable, long-running series continues to grow. Legacy, which is nearing 1000 episodes since 2020, and now Redemption, are high quality, high volume series that win viewers day after day."

Both titles are produced by Karamel Yapim for Turkey’s Kanal 7.
13 March 2023


We are excited to announce new Sürec Film-produced drama Endless, a part of our 2023 line up!

The series (original title Fedakar), is set to premier the 18th of March on Kanal 7, and follows Tarık who's on a mission to find his sister’s killer, and seek revenge. He spots the killer’s motorcycle outside a young man’s house, but when he is not home, Tarık decides to kidnap his sister Elif instead, to use her as bait. Holding Elif captive, Tarık expects to crush her spirit until she turns on her brother. But the young woman who has devoted everything to her family, is convinced Sefer is innocent and would go to any lengths to protect him. This strength of character awakens something in Tarık, something he didn’t know he had been missing all along.

“High volume dramas from Turkey have become a hugely attractive option for broadcasters looking for long-running series that consistently pull in good viewing figures in both afternoon and prime time slots. And with Sürec Film producing, buyers are assured of a premium production,” says Handan Özkubat, Director of Turkish Drama at Eccho Rights.
16 November 2022

Eccho Rights collaborates with Kanal 7 on Redemption

Premiering next Monday, we are thrilled to announce Redemption, our latest collaboration with Kanal 7 and Karamel Yapim in Turkey. From the creators of international smash hit daily drama series Legacy and The Promise, Redemption is a story of finding love in an impossible and unlikely place. The series follows Orhun, who after finding out his beloved sister has been murdered while volunteering abroad, is on a revenge mission. But his mission becomes complicated when he meets the woman behind his sister’s death, Hira…
11 June 2020


Eccho Rights has sold record-breaking Turkish daily drama THE PROMISE and hit romance NORTH STAR to territories across Latin America: Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay and Bolivia.

“We are happy to see an interest from clients and audiences for more daily drama from Turkey. WOUNDED BIRDS has performed very well in Colombia and Puerto Rico lately, and we are sure THE PROMISE will perform as well as it has done in Turkey, where it broke several records and had better results than a number of high budget weekly dramas. We also have high hopes for NORTH STAR, a touching drama with just the right amount of humour that has developed into a massive audience favourite in Turkey”, says Barbora Suster, Head of Latin America and Iberia at Eccho Rights.

Produced by Karamel Yapim for Kanal 7, THE PROMISE has been one of the most successful Turkish series of the past two years, finishing its first season with record-breaking results, a second season just wrapped and a third currently in pre-production. 

NORTH STAR is one of the leading series on Saturday nights since its launch last year on Show TV. It is produced by Sürec Film and has consistently won its time slot in the total audience demographic group.
27 February 2019

The Promise is Eccho Rights' latest hit series

We have added daily drama series The Promise to our catalogue, the latest hit production from Karamel Yapim in Turkey.

Debuting on Kanal 7 last week, the series scored very strong ratings, reaching a market share more than double that of the broadcaster's average audience. The Promise follows the tortuous romance between a young couple, brought together from different worlds by a vow that each makes: the beautiful Reyhan promises to take care of the family of an old friend who is diagnosed with a terminal illness, while the man she is pledged to marry makes his own promise - to teach his dying father a lesson by sabotaging the marriage.

“This is a heartbreaking, emotional story that will captivate viewers around the world, just as Karamel Yapim’s last hit, Prisoner of Love," says Handan Özkubat, Eccho Rights’ Director of Turkish Drama. Eccho Rights have already completed sales for Prisoner of Love in Poland, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Macedonia and Georgia.
1 March 2017

Elif now in 22 countries world wide!

Broadcasters in Mexico, Paraguay, Hungary, Puerto Rico, Pakistan and Honduras are the latest to snap up Elif, Green Yapim's must-have daily drama.

The most successful show ever on Turkey's Kanal 7, the series first found international fame in 2015 when it became headline news as the top show in Indonesia, and received huge viewing figures across Eastern Europe. The latest success for the series has come in Latin America, where since debuting in August 2016 on Caracol in Colombia, the series has enjoyed a 30% share of the viewing public, while Chilean state broadcaster TVN reports an increase in rating from 4% up to 11% during broadcasts of the family drama. In Peru, Latina have already ordered seasons 2 and 3 having also seen impressive ratings during the first season.

Back in Turkey, Elif celebrated its 500th episode on Monday, with Eccho Rights estimating a total of 650 commercial hours available by the end of the current run this summer.
16 August 2016

Elif scores further success around the world

Another week, another fantastic ratings report for Elif! Happy Channel in Romania started to broadcast the show at the beginning of August and have already seen a sharp increase in viewing numbers. After two weeks on air the show is regularly drawing in a viewership 4 times higher than the channel's average share.

This follows a dramatic start in Colombia where Caracol have been receiving an average 30% share since first airing the show at the end of July. The second placed channel in the same slot is reporting just a 12% share, demonstrating Elif's continued ability to draw in viewers! Elif will debut in Peru at the beginning of September on Latina.

Back in Turkey, Green Yapim are in the midst of pre-production for the third season that will be premiering on Kanal 7 later in the autumn. Just like Elif's many millions of fans worldwide, we can't wait to see what happens!