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Fredrik af Malmborg

Managing Director

Fredrik started out as a radio reporter and host at the young age of 14 and went on to become a digital media entrepreneur before co-founding Sparks Network, which would become Eccho Rights in 2004. Fredrik is a graduate of Lund School of Economics.

As managing director, Fredrik’s job is to find the next hit series, close innovative deals and build a quality team of staff.

As for his favourite TV show, Fredrik says, “What could be better than a Turkish drama?”

Nicola Söderlund

Managing Partner

Nicola started out his career at Swedish producer Strix, then set up his own production company and worked at Nordisk Film before founding Eccho Rights (formerly Sparks Network) with Fredrik.

Even after nearly 30 years in the business he still loves his job and as managing partner he seeks out new business opportunities, gets to travel, pitch and meet some great people.

Handan Özkubat

Director of Turkish Drama

Handan started out her career as a talent manager and casting director, but moved into sales and acquisitions in 2009.

Handan's job is to develop the Eccho Rights business in Turkey with new exciting relationships.

Naturally, Handan’s favourite TV genre is Turkish drama!

Hyo Sohn

Chief Strategy Officer

Hyo joined Eccho Rights' team in 2019, making the move from our mother company CJ ENM in Seoul to our Madrid office. With a background in IT, Hyo brings additional years of experience from Korean tech giants LG and Samsung to lead our future strategies in the ever-developing broadcast landscape.

Preferring feel-good family content to horror and tense drama, Hyo likes to watch TV as a chance to relax with his kids rather than add to his stress after long days in the office!

Adam Barth

Director of Co-productions, Acquisitions, and Development
Adam began his career with New Media Vision, a bespoke production/distribution company based in the UK before joining NENT Studios UK (formerly DRG) where most recently he was Commercial Director.
As Director of Co-productions, Acquisitions, and Development, Adam’s job is to find collaborative & creative ways of working with Eccho’s production partners in Western Europe and the English-speaking world as well as working with the team to find new projects to distribute worldwide.
Adam is not shy about his love for all things science fiction!

Lucy Roberts

Director of Sales, Western Europe
Lucy started out her career in distribution at ITV Studios, holding roles in format and readymade sales at BBC Studios, Keshet International, All3Media and NENT Studios UK, before moving to Eccho Rights in 2021. She is responsible for licensing our extensive scripted catalogue into Western Europe as well as inputting into the acquisition and development process.

She has found herself in the right place at Eccho as drama is her passion. Whilst she loves watching all the new dramas, her favourite series of all time is The Wire which she has seen too many times to count...

Barbora Suster

Head of Latin America & Iberia

Both Barbora’s parents worked in film and television and she decided to follow in their footsteps and study film production. She soon realised, however, that international sales was her future and spent eight years at Imagina /Globomedia.

Barbora joined Eccho Rights in 2015 and now heads up the sales and acquisitions for the company in Latin America.

Barbora’s mum used to say that she liked watching all moving images and she’s still a massive consumer of all types of drama shows.

Deborah Youn

Head of Asia Business
After stumbling upon an introductory film class in college, Deborah knew she would work in television. Working first in post-production, she then moved to iMBC, mapping the digital distribution strategy of Korean series with global OTT platforms.
Although she spent most of her years in the US, Deborah is a hardcore Korean when it comes to dancing to K-pop, and binge-watching Korean dramas!

Berkin Nalbantli

Sales Executive and Format Sales, CEE and Africa
Berkin’s background as a planning and programming specialist brought him to Eccho Rights at a time when the Istanbul office is busier than ever as a hub of activity and new content. Starting out running our Youtube channels and working with our market and event team, Berkin’s range of talents and experiences, as well as his encyclopaedic knowledge of international pop culture, equipped him perfectly for a move in to sales in 2019 where he is proving to be a great ally for clients across Europe and Africa.

Oskar Malmquist

Head of Legal & Business Affairs

Oskar’s first employment in the media industry was in the late nineties with Scandinavian Broadcasting Systems (SBS) in London as Legal & Business Affairs. Since then he has been working with multiple broadcasters and publishers, whilefocusing on audiovisual entertainment. At Eccho Rights Oskar is in charge of legal services and to develop new business strategies.

Oskar´s favourite series of all times is Designated Survivor.

Helena Rosberg

Corporate Legal Counsel
Helena’s training in Intellectual Property, Competition and Contract Law prepared her for a variety of different roles in the legal profession. A former member of the Swedish Bar Association, she joined Eccho Rights not only with a breadth of legal experience, but also a passion for the world of television – though her acting ambitions have been on ice since she appeared as an extra on a Swedish crime drama a few years ago.

Naturally, given her passion for the law, Helena’s favourite TV genres are true crime and crime dramas!

Aşiyan Nilüfer

Legal Counsel, Istanbul
Aşiyan’s passion for exploring the world of art lead her to pursue a career in copyright law. She completed her Master's degree in London writing a thesis on the conflict between freedom of artistic creativity and copyright protection, a highly relevant background for navigating the complex world of TV formats and drama series!

Before returning to Istanbul to join Eccho Rights, Aşiyan fell for British storytelling and rates Phoebe Waller Bridge as her favourite creator in TV!

Anni Cederblad

Financial Director

Anni was a certified accountant at PwC before taking on the role as chief of finances at Eccho Rights. Her job is to create the perfect financial eccho system and to make sure everything adds up.

Anni’s favourite TV shows are historical dramas and horror series.

Mina Vahedi

Junior Financial Manager
Mina focused on economy and entrepeneurship in highschool and went on to study economics at University. Besides taking care of Eccho Rights ongoing financial tasks she likes to dive into gripping drama series and nail-biting documentaries.

Hatice Bayhan

Accounting Manager, Istanbul
Hatice studied Business Administration at university, going on to become a member of the İstanbul Chamber of Certified Public Accountants and working in several sectors before joining Eccho Rights in July 2021. Outside of work, she likes to feed her soul by reading books, watching science fiction and comedy movies and TV series, hiking and diving.

David Seton

Head of Marketing

David came to Eccho Rights via various roles in the hospitality industry and then a photographic tech start-up, working both at home in the UK and abroad.

This proved to be the ideal preparation for his role handling Eccho Rights' marketing presence throughout the varied territories in which we operate.

Aside from watching his beloved England cricket team, David enjoys sitcoms, crime thrillers and political drama series.

Melek Kara

Digital Media Operations & Strategy Manager
Melek started her career as a foreign trade expert before moving into television, working in a variety of marketing and publicity roles, as well as production assistant, art director and costume designer. She then seized a chance to be the first person to use the Youtube Partner Program for TV shows and films in Turkey and has played a major role in the Turkish industry's adaptation to the new digital media landscape.

Today, she puts together all her experiences and connections to lead Eccho’s digital team in innovating the best ways to bring content directly to audiences.

Laura Marín

Distribution and Localisation Manager

Laura finished her Audiovisual Communication masters at the ”Universitat Politècnica de València” and moved to Norway shortly after that to kick off her Scandinavian journey. She has been living in Scandinavia for almost 7 years and started working at Eccho Rights 2018. 

In her spare time Laura likes to produce music and swim. She had her own radio show at the age of 21 and besides her big passion for music she also enjoys a really good drama.

Carl Brown

Delivery Assistant

While Carl has always had a love for computers and the mechanisms behind them, his true passions are music and art. Before joining the Eccho Rights team in Stockholm, Carl studied programming at Linköpings University, creating everything from useful apps for students to video games.

When Carl isn’t busy creating music or art, he loves to sit down and binge all kinds of Korean dramas.

Keyvin Comprés


Keyvin went to film school in his native Dominican Republic and spent a few years on movie sets before deciding to get deeper in to the business side of the film industry. He moved to Spain and got himself three (!) Master's degrees in audiovisual business and distribution as well as marketing.  

Fixated on viewership trends and audience behaviour around the world, it's fair to say he loves all kinds of TV and film. In his free time Keyvin is a DJ and loves to get lost in the world of electronic music.

Ceylan Özçapkın

Editorial Manager
Ceylan attended college in the United States after graduating from a French high school in Istanbul. After a year in Italy she returned to Turkey to start her career as a freelance translator with a special focus on children's books. With her extensive experience as editor for various magazines and publications, Ceylan is in charge of all editorial needs at Eccho Rights. Ceylan enjoys reading books as much as writing them herself, or simply watching a comedy series.

Sencer Yuksek

General Coordinator, Istanbul Office
Sencer is our digital media and advertising guru in the Istanbul office. His professional career has been varied both by industry and location: from working as a construction project manager in Texas, to joining an ad agency in Turkey, before coming to Eccho Rights to promote our direct to consumer channels.

A sports enthusiast, Sencer is equally at home on the soccer field as well as catching the latest content on Youtube.

Önay Devrim

Executive Assistant
Önay studied Cinema and Television at Işık University. While finishing her studies, she began working in the film industry on international projects and was able to play a part in more or less every process involved in making a film!

She admires most of the arts, specifically dance, and when she is not keeping our Istanbul office running smoothly, she has a side career as a professional flamenco dancer! In addition to her interests, Önay enjoys walks by the sea, animals and street photography.

Ozan Hasirci

Digital Media Supervisor
Ozan is a licensed Electronic and Communication Technician. His career started in Eurosport’s Turkish office as a playout technician in 2002 and after various positions as video and camera editor, he joined the Eccho Rights Digital Management team in 2019. During his spare time Ozan enjoys playing guitar, watching anime and playing video games. He is also a fan of watching TV series, his all time favourite series are Breaking Bad and Modern Family.

Ipek Serinoglu

Digital Media Supervisor
İpek studied journalism at Istanbul University. Her career started in sports media in 2015, before she started as a video editor for Acun Medya in the Dominican Republic. She moved to ATV where she got a grounding in the exciting new broadcasting opportunities presented by YouTube, before joining Eccho Rights in 2021. İpek likes to watch comedy series in her spare time, and is naturally a big fan of YouTube content!

Meriç Konca

Digital Media Supervisor
During his career in digital media, Meriç has created and led campaigns across multiple digital channels, gaining particular expertise in management of YouTube channels, ads in the platform and broadcasting strategy.

He loves the opportunity to be creative and innovative at work, as well as the interesting insights and conversations that come from meeting so many new people.

In his free time, Meriç likes walking and exploring new places around the city.

Sooji Kim

Spanish/Portuguese YouTube Content Manager
Sooji majored in Communication Design at Hongik University in South Korea, then mastered in the design and innovation labs, particularly in Communication Design, at IED Madrid. She started her career at Cheil Worldwide as an Account Executive intern, creating award winning work recognised by the Seoul City Council, before joining the Eccho Rights Youtube at the Madrid office. But she is mostly experienced as a foodie and she can regularly be found scavenging for the next cool place to dine in, before returning home to binge watch dramas!

Büşra Kamış

SEO Specialist
Büşra began her career as a web editor, gaining experience with international news agencies and learning the ins and outs of the world of SEO. She now puts this to work optimising our Youtube channels' performance on the web. Büşra loves sitcoms as well as Turkish TV series. She is keen on dramas with tension even though she can be an emotional person herself!

Selin Doğa Kutlu

Piracy & Claim Management Specialist
While studying Radio and Television in high school, and then university, Selin Doğa started working as a freelance Social Media Manager. This gave her valuable experience in handling digital rights, and she joined the Eccho Rights team in 2021 with a mission to take down pirated content and protect the rights we represent in the digital world.

When she's not taking on internet pirates, Selin loves traveling herself, and keeps active playing volleyball.

Melike Çiltaş

Video Editor
While studying Web Design in high school, Melike developed a passion for Youtube, and after completing her education in computer programming at university, she knew she wanted to work with Youtube Content Publishing.

She spends her free time reading, traveling, and constantly learning new things, and plans to further her undergraduate degree in her field.

Hünkar Şen

Video Editor
After completing his education at Istanbul Commerce University, Department of Foreign Trade, Hünkar wanted to be a part of the rapidly developing digital media culture in Turkey and the world, and started his career in 2012 by working as a Video Editor for various institutions.

In his spare time, he enjoys switching off and going fishing - or switching on to watch movies and TV series!

Çağlar Alaca

Video Editor
Çağlar's route to becoming a video editor was certainly unique, having studied machine engineering, he worked as a lighting engineer and then journalist. He came to Eccho Rights having most recently worked as a social media specialist for a variety of media companies including Turkey's Show TV.

When he's not editing content for our Youtube channels, Çağlar can be found on his bike, spending time with "the world's best dog" and dreaming of the sea.

Onur Güngörmez

Graphic Designer
After studying Visual Communication Design and working for a string of different companies creating social media content, Onur joined our Youtube and Digital team to ensure our series look great and stand out from the crowd.

Passionate about motorcycling, Onur loves to travel, taking his tent on his bike with him whenever possible.

Müge Karademir

Since she was little, Müge was interested in other languages and cultures - and the television industry! - learning english at a young age with the help of her favourite TV shows.

At high school she studied television, radio and photography before studying Spanish Language and Literature at university.

In her free time she loves to travel, watch movies, play video games and writes her own short stories.

Hadiye Çaylak

Hospitality & Office Supervisor, Istanbul
With an educational background in Child Psychology and Development, Hadiye was always destined to take care of people. Though she moved into hospitality in a number of different industries, her warm smile and positive energy have always served her well in taking care of colleagues and hosting guests.

She loves comedy movies and is a huge fan of Turkish Drama series.