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15 December 2016

Elif gets picked up by two additional countries

Elif, the Turkish daily from producer Green Yapim, has now sold to its 16th territory worldwide. Currently in its 3rd season on Kanal 7, the drama series has captivated both local and global audiences. With new sales in Bangladesh, Georgia and across Latin America, interest from around the world continues to grow.

In Bangladesh the series will air on Deepto TV in the new year, while in Georgia, Imedi has picked up the show. This follows a strong start in Chile where TVN recently became the latest channel to broadcast the series dubbed in to Spanish. The Chilean pubcaster is reporting big increases on their average time slot performance since the series debuted at the end of November. This follows sales in Peru, Costa Rica and Colombia, where on Caracol, Elif is by far and away the top performing show in its time slot, doubling the share of its nearest competitor.

“Elif is a truly phenomenal success. When the series started in Turkey two years ago it did very well, and then after it had its international breakthrough in Indonesia and the Balkans last year, we knew it was something very special. The way the viewing figures continue to be consistently high wherever it is aired, shows the universal power of great story telling,” says Handan Özkubat, Head of Eccho Rights’ Istanbul Office.

“At ATF in Singapore last week, Elif was a huge talking point, with a lot of attention on the show following our latest deals in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh,” adds Nixon Yau Lim, Head of Asia Pacific at Eccho Rights.

Elif tells the story of a young girl who is sent away to live on a farm by her mother. Her father owns the farm, but neither he nor Elif knows that they are related. As time goes by, tensions rise and Elif finds herself in the middle of a family power struggle.

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