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13 October 2016

New classroom drama from Surec Film, plus smash hit Filipino series for Eccho Rights

Eccho Rights’ latest sign up ahead of Mipcom 2016, is Bitter Sweet Life, the brand new drama series from Turkish producer Surec Film.

The drama follows a young teacher battling against the system and the unruly pupils at a new school, using innovative and smart teaching methods to make a difference. With a youthful cast and classroom setting, the show is a fun Turkish drama but with some serious messages to take home for the viewer. The series starts on Star TV this October.

Eccho Rights have previously sold Surec series Kacak and Cherry Season with great success around the world. Cherry Season has been a hit in a number of European territories, most recently in Italy on Mediaset, where it became the first Turkish drama to air on a major broadcaster. Kacak meanwhile aired earlier this year in the US on Azteca America.

“We have enjoyed a really strong partnership with Surec Film in the past, and we look forward to continuing this with Bitter Sweet Life. The school system is something everyone has had experience of, as children, parents, and even teachers, so this story is going to be relatable for people all around the world,” says Handan Özkubat, head of Istanbul Office at Eccho Rights.

“With the sales of Cherry Season and Kacak in particular, Eccho Rights have proven their capability time and again to get our series in to international TV schedules, and we are very excited to work with them again on our newest project,” says Ali Gündoğdu from Surec Film.

Another new addition to Eccho Rights’ powerful Mipcom line-up is You’re My Home, the hit series from the Philippines. A huge ratings winner during it’s broadcast run earlier this year, the final episode achieved a 50% share on ABS-CBN. Telling the story of a government lawyer who finds himself in both professional and private catastrophe following his move to a private practice, the readymade and scripts will be distributed worldwide by Eccho Rights.

Nixon Yau Lim, Head of Asia Pacific at Eccho Rights says: “This story really gripped Filipino audiences with thrilling crime elements blended together with a hugely emotional family back-story. It makes for unmissable TV as reflected in the phenomenal ratings performance.”

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