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11 October 2016

Eccho Rights introduce Thai Entertainment double-header

Eccho Rights will be bringing two new entertainment formats from Thailand to Mipcom, ID Lucky Number from MCOT Entertainment Lab, and Black Sheep, from Workpoint.

Launching earlier in 2016, ID Lucky Number has been a big hit in Thailand, far out-performing the average rating of the host channel MCOT Channel 9. With its spectacular studio staging and games of chance. With victory determined by the numbers on an individual’s ID card, and games played out on a huge interactive LED floor, the show is an action-packed, tense thriller that anyone can win, with a simple premise that will translate well to any territory, using a passport, driver’s license or even the competitors' birthdays.

Black Sheep is a game where four players must act as amateur detectives to discover the “black sheep” in their midsts, the one person lying about sharing the same interest or career as the others. A fun and intriguing game, with almost limitless potential for new scenarios each week, the show has run for over 100 episodes on Workpoint TV.

“Thailand is such a vibrant country and culture, it is no wonder that they are producing top TV formats. These two shows will both captivate audiences, ID Lucky number with its high-energy games, while viewers love to play along at home trying to spot the Black Sheep before the competitors in the studio!” says Nixon Yau Lim, Head of Asia Pacific at Eccho Rights.

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