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Latin American success for Elif

Turkish drama Elif premiered on Caracol in Colombia this week to a massive 32.3% share and 5.1% ratings, with the show holding its position for the second episode. Elif is the clear slot leader with the second placed show scoring 13% share.

Eccho Rights represent Elif on behalf of producer Green Yapim. The series premiered on Kanal 7 in Turkey in 2014 and has tripled ratings for the channel. A third season is currently on order. This success has been replicated in Indonesia, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Lithuania. 

“Elif is a runaway ratings success across the globe, consistently pulling in big audiences for channels in Europe, Asia and Latin America. The Cinderella-esque storyline plus the strong female leads make great viewing,” comments Fredrik af Malmborg, managing director at Eccho Rights.

Elif tells the story of a young girl who is sent away to live on a farm by her mother. Elif's father owns the farm, but neither father nor daughter knows that they are related. As time goes by, tensions rise and Elif finds herself in the middle of a family power struggle.

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