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First deals on u:Supporters

Eccho Rights signs deals in The Netherlands and Finland on their new entertainment format u:Supporters from Uncle Ned.

u:Supporters brings together fans and professional players in a video game tournament based on league football.

In The Netherlands Tuvalu will develop a version based on the Dutch Eredivisie football league featuring teams like Ajax and Feyenoord. While in Finland Yellow Film are developing a local adaptation based on a national ice hockey league.

Taco Zimmerman, creative director at Tuvalu, says, "Young men are historically a hard audience to attract, but u:Supporters taps into the biggest activity for this demographic - playing video games - and the biggest sport on earth - football. It builds a bridge between the two worlds and creates an exciting TV event.”

Milla Bruneau, COO Yellow Film & TV Group at Yellow Film, says “Since ice hockey is a bigger sport in Finland than football, we looked at how we could make it relevant for our audiences and ice hockey seems the natural choice.”

Nicola Söderlund, managing partner at Eccho Rights, comments, “The great thing about this format, which is illustrated by the deal in Finland, is that it is easy to adapt for local markets where football might not be the number one sport. I can imagine basketball or American football versions being popular in some territories.”

u:Supporters originated in Sweden with teams from the Allsvenskan league competing. The show aired on commercial channel TV4 as well as online on Fotbollskanalen.

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