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1 April 2016

First Turkish drama remake in Western Europe

Eccho Rights has licenced The End to Column Film who are making a local version of the popular Turkish drama for The Netherlands.

“The End has a solid base for adaptation. The cleverness of the scripts and the universal appeal of the storyline makes the series suitable for audiences across the world, including in Western Europe”, says Chantal van der Horst, producer at Column Film.

Filming of the ten-part series started on Wednesday this week, ready for premiere in the autumn schedules of channel KRO-NCRV under the title Vlucht HS13 (Flight HS13). Katja Schuurman, the popular Dutch actress and presenter, will play the lead role.

The End has already scored a number of firsts. It was the first Turkish drama piloted in the US when Sander Moses produced a pilot for ABC under the title The Runner. It was also the first Turkish drama to air in Western Europe on Swedish public channel SVT. 

“Turkish drama continues to break boundaries and it’s great that a West European version will be hitting screens later on this year. Ay Yapim have created a gripping plot that translates well across cultures, which is reflected in the number and range of licences we have on The End,” says Nicola Söderlund, managing partner at Eccho Rights.

Russian World Studios will start shooting a local adaptation of The End in May, while UFA Fiction is developing a German version and Globomedia is working on a Spanish adaptation.

The End comes from Turkish producers Ay Yapim and tells the story of a happy couple living in Istanbul. When the plane the husband is travelling on crashes, the wife is sent into a spiral of grief that suddenly stops when she finds out he never boarded the plane. She then has to find her way through a web of lies and intrigue to ultimately find her husband.

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