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18 March 2016 who are you

ITV Studios pick up Korean drama from Eccho Rights

ITV Studios have picked up the supernatural cop drama "Who Are You", produced by Korean CJ Group and represented by Eccho Rights.

The deal is the first licence for a Korean scripted drama in the UK and the third ground-breaking deal Eccho Rights have made to bring the genre to Europe in the past two years.

Nicola Söderlund, managing partner at Eccho Rights, says, "We are excited about being at the forefront of introducing Korean drama to Europe. We believe in the power of these scripts – the writing is strong, and the themes universal, making the series easy to adapt for any region.

"The Ukraine version of our other Korean format, "Ice Adonis", has been a massive ratings hit and we expect similar success here."

"Who Are You" is a supernatural cop show with a romantic twist: an elite policewoman falls into a coma after a brutal attack during a raid gone wrong. Six years later, she awakes and resumes her career – now with a special sensitivity, and a sceptical but ambitious junior partner.

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