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3 March 2016 nurses, sweden, bob film, yellow film

Sweden orders Nurses for local version

Sweden’s leading commercial broadcaster TV4 has ordered a local adaptation of hit Finnish drama Nurses from Bob Film. Eccho Rights represents Nurses for producer Yellow Film and optioned the format to Bob Film last year.

Jan Blomgren, CEO of Bob Film, comments, “The original version of Nurses is very well written and produced, and we are confident that the Swedish adaptation will be a success on TV4. We believe the audience in Sweden will relate to real stories in a glossy drama series.”

TV4 has commissioned two seasons of ten episodes, which will be called Syrror (Sisters). The first series will be broadcast later this year. 

“Finally - TV4’s first medical drama! This is a story about all the big and difficult questions: life, death, love and pain. It’s a world that we sincerely hope will move our audience to both tears and laughter, and that Syrror will be nearly addictive to its viewers”, says Josefine Tengblad, head of drama at TV4 and C More.

Eccho Rights is representing the Swedish version of the show and has already presold the readymade to TV2 in Norway and DR in Denmark.

Last year, the distributor sold the rights for a UK remake to DLT and licenced the first two Finnish seasons to ProsiebenSat1, making Nurses the first Nordic series ever to air on a commercial broadcaster in Germany.

“The secret to Nurses’ success is twofold. Firstly, Yellow Film has created a really strong show that has wide appeal. Secondly, unlike traditional hospital dramas, Nurses focuses on the backbone of a health service - the nurses. By telling the stories from their viewpoint, it brings a fascinating, new slant to the genre,” says Fredrik af Malmborg, managing director at Eccho Rights.

Finnish broadcaster YLE has ordered a fourth season of Nurses (Syke) after the huge success of the first two series. The third season starts airing later this month.

Nurses is a primetime medical drama, dealing with the professional and personal lives of four female colleagues who cope in different ways with the trials of life on the trauma ward. With determination, strength and a black sense of humour they achieve the challenging task of saving lives in a system that sometimes seems designed to do the opposite.


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