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26 November 2015 elif

Second season deals for Elif in CEE

Eccho Rights has closed a series of new deals in Central and Eastern Europe on the Turkish drama Elif. OBN in Bosnia, Kanal 5 in Macedonia, Pink in Serbia and Pink M in Montenegro have all signed up for season two of the daily show.

Petra Larsson, sales and acquisitions manager for CEE at Eccho Rights, says about the deal, “Elif is having such a positive impact on audience figures with viewers relating well to the storyline and characters. It’s very different to the glossy dramas that are popular with producers nowadays.

“It seems the more traditional family-based plot and the Cinderella type characters of a good-hearted girl and an evil stepmother figure are what viewers want.”

Elif has caused a sensation for broadcasters around the world, growing audience share wherever it has aired. In Turkey, the show airs on Kanal 7 and has increased audience share seven-fold. Whilst in Indonesia, SCTV has taken both seasons of the show as well as recently commissioning a local version.

Elif is produced by Green Yapim and tells the story of a little girl whose mother sends her away to live on a farm to protect her from her dangerous stepfather. Only the head of the household staff knows where Elif comes from, but not even she knows that Elif is the daughter of the son of the rich farming family. As time goes by Elif’s secrets start to unravel whilst her evil stepfather gets closer to finding her.

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