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3 August 2013

My 5000 friends a hit with Dutch viewers

Dutch viewers voted reality format My 5000 Friends as their favorite program during TV Lab Week in The Netherlands. The show was produced in the Netherlands by Sputnik Media and is represented worldwide by Eccho Rights.

TV Labs takes place each year and is designed to bring new exciting formats to Dutch screens. Public broadcaster, Netherlands 3, commissions ten pilots and viewers choose their favorite. In some cases the winning format is commissioned for a full series. This year the audience rated the Dutch version of My 5000 friends at 9.2 out of 10 on aspects such as innovation and if they would watch the show again.

Kris Gaens from Sputnik comments on the result, “My 5000 Friends delves deep into the world of online versus real-life relationships. It brings up all kinds of questions such as does having lots of online friends mean you are popular or should we reveal so much about ourselves online? Sputnik Media brought the format from online to TV (BNN) and it really struck a chord with viewers in The Netherlands. We are very happy they voted it as their favorite during TV Lab Week."

My 5000 Friends follows a well-known personality as they set out to meet all of their online friends, many of whom he or she will have had little contact with in the real world.

Fredrik af Malmborg from Eccho Rights says about the format, “With the growth of social media, My 5000 Friends is very relevant for today’s audiences. The show has great potential across the globe.”

The format was created by Swedish producers Veranda Film and aired originally on SVT. This summer My 5000 Friends also aired on Viasat in Hungary produced by AGB Productions.

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