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23 November 2013

Crack them up broadcast deal in China

Eccho Rights represented format Crack Them Up is heading to Chinese screens as producers Shixi Media secure a broadcast deal with Chinese mainland broadcaster Jiangxi.


Pei Ling, publicity director at broadcaster Jiangxi, says, "This is the first time that Jiangxi has purchased a foreign format. We will try our best to guarantee the show's essence, to crack up the comics and the nation. To front the show we have lined up two comic-veterans who have performed in the nation’s most watched new-year celebration, "the Spring Festival Gala".


With a licence deal already signed in Germany and ongoing negotiations in several other territories including the US, Crack Them Up is proving popular around the world.


Nicola Söderlund, Managing Partner at Eccho Rights, comments, “We always talk about how television formats can travel and this deal proves it. Here we are, a Swedish company, selling a Ukrainian comedy format to a Chinese production company. You can’t get much more international than that.


“The beauty of Crack Them Up is taking a simple idea - making people laugh - and turning it into a highly entertaining and watchable format. We can’t wait to see how the Chinese version looks.”


Mr Liu, CEO at Shixi Media, says “The new restrictions on singing formats in China gives other genres the chance to blossom and comedy based shows are in the ideal position to take advantage of this opportunity. "Crack Them Up" has the potential to raise a brand new viewing passion for comedy shows."


Crack Them Up comes from Ukrainian producers Studio Kvartal. In this heart warming and hilarious show, regular people try to make two comedians laugh. If they succeed they walk away with a cash prize. Crack Them Up gives the general public the chance to entertain the country and perhaps be discovered as new comedy talent.

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