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21 March 2013

Eccho Rights secures series pick up for Exit in Middle East

Exit, the Japanese room escape show, has been commissioned for a run of 26 episodes in the Middle East. Eccho Rights sold the format to Egyptian production company, Film Maker

A full production set is currently being created in Cairo. Once complete, the set will be available for future European productions of the show.

Exit originates in Japan where it was produced by Kenichiro Akiyama and has aired successfully on Nippon TV for three seasons. A US version of the show aired on Syfy last year with strong results and a spin off series called Pharaoh was successfully launched in Thailand earlier this year.

Fredrik af Malmborg, managing director at Eccho Rights, said, "Exit is already a proven success with audiences in both Asia and the US. Now the show is going into the Middle East and with a production hub being built in Cairo we hope to see some European versions coming on line soon."

Exit is a game show where teams of contestants face room-escape challenges in three stages. Each stage takes place in a locked room with mind bending and physically challenging traps. The teams must answer quizzes and puzzles to escape before the time runs out.

Eccho Rights has also sold the format to Denmark, Germany, France, Russia and Sweden.

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