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31 March 2013

Crack them Up scores hit as No1 show in China and is acquired by

Eccho Rights repped format Crack Them Up is scoring outstanding ratings in China and is the number one show in the satellite ratings for the timeslot. Since premiering on mainland broadcaster Jiangxi on 17 February, the show has improved the channels market share of the timeslot by 60% and is the most popular show for Jiangxi since 2012. Crack Them Up is produced by 3C.

Gary Pudney, head of Asia Pacific at Sparks Eccho, comments on the Chinese success, "3C and Jiangxi have worked hard to create a great prime time show, which stays true to the original idea of the format but at the same time is relevant for local audiences. The viewing figures reflect all their hard work."

This week Electus acquired the format for the US with ex 3Ball producer Barry Poznick and his company Barracuda TV attached to the show.

Nicola Söderlund, managing partner at Eccho Rights says; "The success of Crack Them Up in China proves that this comedy format is universal and will work in any territory. Everywhere it has been on air it has wowed audiences. It's an amazing, warm and entertaining show that is starting to meet the high expectations we have for it."

Crack them up is a heart warming and hilarious show where regular people get the chance to make two comedians laugh. If they succeed they can walk away with a cash prize.

Crack them up was created by Studio Kvartal 95 from Ukraine with successful local versions airing in Russia, Lithuania and Belarus. The format is optioned in Germany by DEF and Finland by Nelonen Media.

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