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3 June 2014

Crack them up find success in Asia

Eccho Rights, the Stockholm based distributor, licences Ukrainian comedy format Crack Them Up to Essential Media in Australia and Dien Quan in Vietnam.


These two deals follow on from a US licence for Electus and top ratings for a Chinese version of the show.


Essential Media CEO and Executive producer Chris Hilton, says, "We are excited to bring this hilarious new format to Australia where we are confident it will resonate with audiences as it has done elsewhere."


Mr Nguyen Quoc Toan, General Director of DIEN QUAN Media & Entertainment Vietnam says: "We can see Crack Them Up becoming a big hit with our local viewers. With such a simple and smart idea behind the format it is bound to bring a smile to everybody’s face.”


Gary Pudney, head of Asia Pacific at Eccho Rights, comments, “Crack Them Up is working for the simple reason that it is fun. It lets the person on the street have a go at making the professionals laugh and if they are successful earns them a bit of cash. It’s not about finding the next big name in comedy or making someone a millionaire.


“The show peels back the layers of gloss that have characterised prime time shows of recent years to take entertainment back to a purer form where the idea is just to make everyone - the comedians, the studio audience and viewers at home - laugh.”


Crack them up is a heart warming and hilarious show where regular people get the chance to make two comedians laugh. If they succeed they can walk away with a cash prize.


Ukraine based Studio Kvartal 95 created Crack Them Up and successful local versions are airing in China, Russia, Lithuania and Belarus. In addition, Eccho Rights has licenced the format to Electus in the US, DEF in Germany and Nelonen Media in Finland. - See more at:

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