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15 September 2015 elif

Indonesia shows commitment to Elif

Eccho Rights has signed a new deal with Indonesian broadcaster SCTV for the Turkish drama Elif. Following extraordinary viewing figures for the first season, the broadcaster has ordered the second season of the daily drama.

SCTV started airing Elif at lunchtime at the end of March. The show quickly became number one in the timeslot, consistently scoring over 20% share compared with the channel average of 10%.

Fredrik af Malmborg, managing director at Eccho Rights, says, “When we sold Elif to Indonesia we were confident that the show would resonate well with audiences, but we didn’t expect quite how well. The amazing results for SCTV have sparked an acquisition battle in the region as competing broadcasters clamour to find the next Elif.”

Elif has become a nationwide phenomenon in Indonesia and SCTV invited three cast members, including the young girl who plays Elif, to their annual party at the end of August and 1000s of fans showed up on the Meet & Great event in Jakarta.

Elif tells the story of a young girl who is sent away to live on a farm by her mother. Elif's father owns the farm, but neither father nor daughter knows that they are related. As time goes by, tensions rise and Elif finds herself in the middle of a family power struggle.

Elif premiered on Kanal 7 in Turkey in mid 2014 and has increased the broadcaster’s share by an impressive 250%. Kanal 7 recently confirmed its commitment to the show by ordering a second season of Elif that will start in September 2015. This means the show is commissioned for a minimum expected run of 380 x 45 minute episodes.

Eccho Rights has also secured deals on the show with OBN in Bosnia, Prava in Serbia, Kanal 5 in Macedonia and Neflix in the US and UK.

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