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9 October 2014

Comedy Format Crack them up proving worldwide success

Ahead of MIPCOM Eccho Rights announces five new local adaptations of the successful Ukrainian comedy show, Crack Them Up.

In the US, GSN has given the green light for producers Electus to develop Crack Them Up for screens and in Vietnam HTV7 will broadcast the show in April next year with production done in house. Talk to You and Ah! Production in France, Magnolia in Italy and 1,000 Volts in Belgium have acquired the format forward local versions.

In addition, the show proved such a success with audiences in China earlier this year that a second season is in negotiation.

Nicola Söderlund, managing partner at Eccho Rights, says, ”In an age when the big talent shows have perhaps had their day, broadcasters are looking for the next big genre and comedy shows are lining up to take their place at the top of the listings.

”Crack them up is the break out hit of the year for us with 9 versions on air or in the works. It is a fact that everywhere the show has aired it has been a hit with viewers and we expect these latest versions to achieve the same kind of success.”

Crack them up comes from Ukrainian producers Studio Kvartal. In this heart warming and hilarious show, regular people try to make two comedians laugh. If they succeed they walk away with a cash prize. Crack Them Up gives the general public the chance to entertain the country and perhaps be discovered as new comedy talent.

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