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8 November 2014

Eccho Rights scores with my 5000 friends

In the wake of MIPCOM, Eccho Rights announces two new broadcast deals on reality show My 5000 Friends.


Following on from their option of the format earlier this year, UTV in Russia is now producing a local version in house.


And after winning TV Lab in the Netherlands last year with My 5000 Friends, Sputnik Media is currently producing a series for channel NPO3. Earlier this year Sputnik produced a successful version for Belgium’s youth channel OP12.


Kris Gaens from Sputnik Media comments on the Dutch deal, "After winning TV Lab and producing a series in Belgium, we are proud to finally bring a full series in The Netherlands. My 5000 friends succeeds in bringing TV and social media together in a unique way. When our host Tim Hofman explores his social media life, we get a highly amusing and slightly ironic view on our 'digital selves'. "


On top of these two deals, Zig Zag Productions is developing a local version in the US.


Nicola Söderlund, managing partner at Eccho Rights, says about the sales ”As our obsession with social media shows little sign of abating, My 5000 Friends is increasingly relevant to viewers of all ages. With successful versions already on air in Europe and hopefully soon the US, the interest in this format is really growing.”



The show comes from Veranda Films in Sweden where it aired on SVT. In Hungary AGB productions made a local version for Viasat. My 5000 Friends is also optioned in Finland by Five Quarters.


5000 is the maximum number of friends you can have on Facebook. Kjell - a radio host from Sweden – had 5000 friends, but he still felt lonely. So he set out to meet as many of his friends as possible in one month. He did just about anything to meet his digital friends - from impromptu birthday parties to staging mass events. Challenging our views on contemporary social relationships.

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