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23 January 2015

Denmark, Spain and Holland take Crack Them Up

The Ukrainian format Crack Them Up continues to bring success for Eccho Rights as the distributor announces three new deals on the entertainment show. Magnolia in Spain, Zodiak owned Mastiff in Denmark and Stepping Stone in The Netherlands have all acquired the rights to local versions.

Nicola Söderlund, managing partner at Eccho Rights, comments on the deal, “The idea that making people laugh makes good entertainment is not a new one, but perhaps Crack Them Up’s success is down to its more innocent approach to the idea. Its strength is its simplicity.”

A total of 12 versions of Crack Them Up are on air or in production, including a US pilot by Electus and a remake in Vietnam by dien Quan.

Crack them up comes from Ukrainian producers Studio Kvartal. In this heart warming and hilarious show, regular people try to make two comedians laugh. If they succeed they walk away with a cash prize. Crack Them Up gives the general public the chance to entertain the country and perhaps be discovered as new comedy talent.

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