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16 February 2018

New Bride moving in to new territories

New Bride, the chart-topping comedy-drama from Turkey has found success in Kazakhstan, while becoming the latest Turkish series to enter the Malaysian market. International distributor Eccho Rights has also concluded a deal to take the series to viewers in Bosnia Herzegovina.

TV 7 in Kazakhstan added New Bride to its line up in October, and has reported a doubling of its average share during its daily prime time broadcast. This has contributed to an overall upward trend in the channel’s performance, which has reported a 36% increase in its total share in the market place this Winter.

“New Bride has been one of the most successful series in Turkey this past year, and not even the most popular formats can challenge it for overall viewing in Saturday prime time” says Handan Özkubat, Head of Eccho Rights’ Istanbul office. “The success in Kazakhstan demonstrates its great appeal as a fun, yet romantic show that appeals to the whole family.”

The series returned for its second season on Show TV in Turkey last summer, and has been the most watched programme in Saturday prime time every week since September.

In Malaysia, NTV 7 has picked up the Sürec Film series as its first Turkish series, becoming the latest broadcaster in the region to make a move for Turkish content.

In Bosnia Herzegovina meanwhile, OBN Televizija has picked up New Bride for its daily access prime slot.

New Bride tells the story of Bella, a modern young woman from a cosmopolitan background, who meets the man of her dreams at university. When she is taken home to his family in the east of Turkey, she envisions an exciting life experiencing and embracing a brand new culture. However once they are married, her new family’s unusual traditions soon start to make life difficult for the latest addition to their tribe.

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