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27 September 2017 ay yapim, korea, phi, puhu tv, gtv, uhd dream tv

Phi to be Korean TV's first Turkish Drama

Phi will become the first Turkish drama series to air on Korean television, on GTV this November.

The channel, which focuses on a female audience with a line up of lifestyle, cookery and fashion programming, will use Phi to introduce the Turkish Drama phenomenon to the Korean market.

Mint Media Group, who facilitated the deal alongside international distributor Eccho Rights, will dub the series in to Korean using A-list voice actors. CEO of Mint Media, Lee Hak Rae: “The Korean audience is not familiar with Turkish series yet, so the dubbed version will be a perfect opportunity to introduce this new genre in to Korea."

GTV will also bring a specially created 4K version of the series to their ultra hi-def service UHD Dream TV.

From production giants Ay Yapim, Phi has been a game-changing success in Turkey since its launch earlier this year. The first season’s 12 episodes have generated over 85 million views for online broadcaster Puhu TV. The channel has reported 13 million unique users following Phi’s launch, over 30% of Turkey’s entire online population.

“Phi marks an important new direction for Turkish Dramas, with whole new markets opened up by its premium quality, run time and format,” says Fredrik af Malmborg, Managing Director of Eccho Rights. “Striking a deal with a Korean broadcaster is a huge breakthrough and we look forward to bringing this incredible series to more viewers worldwide following this deal.”

Phi is a daring, psychological thriller following the celebrity psychiatrist Can Manay (Ozan Güven), whose world is turned upside down by the enchanting beauty of his new neighbour Duru (Sarikaya), who is in a seemingly perfect relationship with composer boyfriend Deniz (Günsür). But Manay’s attempts to manipulate those around him are threatened by the investigations of a journalist (Tüzünatac), determined to unearth secrets of his dark past.

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