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18 September 2017

New Bride returns to number one

New Bride, the comedy drama from Surec Film, returned as the number one ranking show in Turkey on Saturday evening.
With an audience share of 17% on channel Show TV, the second season premiere was the clear winner in the Saturday prime time slot.
The series, that looks at the culture clash between East and West in Turkey, won many fans during its first season this past Spring. Its first season of 47 x 45 minute epsiodes ran between March and June, and scored an average share of over 16%, more than double Show TV’s regular prime time average.
“Turkish audiences have traditionally been a reliable barometer for the international success of a series. While Turkish Dramas are a known ratings-winner, viewers are also looking for something a little more lighthearted. We see this trend continuing in the international market where interest in New Bride is already great,” says Handan Özkubat, Head of Istanbul Office at Eccho Rights, who are handling distribution of the series.
New Bride tells the story of Bella, a modern young woman from a cosmopolitan background, who meets the man of her dreams at university. When she is taken home to his family in the east of Turkey, she envisions an exciting life experiencing and embracing a brand new culture. However once they are married, her new family’s unusual traditions soon start to make life difficult for the latest addition to their tribe…

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