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13 March 2017

Fatmagul Indian remake ready to air

Star India have released a first look at their brand new series Amala (Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka?) which will premiere April 3rd on the Star Plus channel.

The story of a young woman who must overcome a horrific group assault while confronting conflicting feelings for one of her attackers, the series is based on the series Fatmagul from Turkish producers Ay Yapim.

“Amala is one of the most anticipated releases of the year. Given the phenomenal success of the original from Ay Yapim, Star have a huge title on their hands. The first impression is that they have a truly beautiful production which both honours the original script as well as putting a unique local spin on it,” says Nixon Yau Lim, Head of Asia Pacific at Eccho Rights, the international distributor who negotiated the format deal between Ay Yapim and Star.

Eccho Rights will now represent the new series as a readymade worldwide, and according to Lim, “many territories are already showing a strong interest, based on this short trailer, as well as the reputation of the original scripts of course.”

Fatamagul (Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne?) is one of the most successful Turkish Drama series of all time. It has enjoyed enormous viewing figures around the world, but just as significantly has affected social change through its subject matter. The series opened up a number of debates around rape laws world wide, and is credited with empowering large numbers of women to speak up about their abuses, particularly across the Middle East.

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